PROXY Pro Web Console Operations Guide

Web Console Landing Page

Account Users can access the Web Console by entering a URL provided by the network administrator to access the Web Console.  The Account User will be presented with the Web Console landing page.  The address would typically look like or
Below is a table of commands available on the Web Console landing page:
Click on this option to log into your Web Console .
Click on this option to download and run the Host on Demand, a temporary Host, to enable a Master user connectivity to this Host.  Supported devices/platforms that can be remote controlled are Windows and Mac, and wil be for view-only on iOS, Android and Chromebook.
Connect by PIN
Enter the PIN code of a Host to launch a connection to it (upon successful authentication).  This will connect you directly to the Host and effectively saves the step of looking for the Host / searching for it once logged into the web console.
More Tools
Click on this option to see a list of browser attributes; recommended browser is Internet Explorer 10.x or higher, Edge (with ClickOnce plugin) or Chrome (with ClickOnce plugin).  Also stored here are links to optional components such as the Chrome ClickOnce browser extension for Edge and Chrome, the ClearClickOnceCache utility and the Remote Printing installer.