PROXY Pro Web Console Operations Guide


There are three ways in which Account Users can logout from the Web Console:
1)     Clicking the Logout icon in the Menu Bar. The Account User can confirm the logout request by clicking on Yes or cancel the request by clicking on No in the confirmation popup.
2)     Closing the browser window that was used to access the Web Console. In this case, no confirmation popup will appear.
Note: In this case, the RAS Server may take up to 2 minutes to release the license after the browser is closed.
3)     Account Users will be automatically logged off from Web Console after a period of inactivity (i.e. no input control to Host). A warning message will appear on the Account User’s screen first, letting the Account User know how much idle time remains before logout is executed.  Each of these time periods can be defined in the Gateway > Gateway Settings > General section.
Note: Logging out of the Web Console will not disconnect any Master connections that the Account User may have opened. As a result, a license in use by any open Master connection may still be in use.  Only the license used to access the Web Console (if a different set of credentials were submitted to the Master(s)) will be freed up when the Account User logs out or is logged out of the Web Console.