PC-Duo Web Console Operations Guide
  • 1. Intro and Overview

1. Intro and Overview

The PC-Duo Web Console is a component of the PC-Duo RAS (Remote Access Server) solution from Vector Networks Technologies  Web Console is a web application that runs on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and serves as the management user interface for the RAS Server.  The PC-Duo Web Console replaces the Gateway Administrator from v12.7 and earlier.
In Concurrent User license mode (see Gateway > Gateway Licenses sub tab for more information about licensing), the Web Console can be used to launch the Master on Demand to view and take remote control of Host desktops connected to the RAS Server.  In this way, the Web Console can be used as a replacement for or in conjunction with the installed PC-Duo Master application.  The Web Console can also be used to launch the Host on Demand, a temporary version of the Host that can enable anyone to share their desktop instantly with Account Users connected to the RAS Server.