PC-Duo Web Console Operations Guide


Certain pages support the ability to export data to a CSV (comma-separated values) or XLSX (Excel open XML format) formatted file.  These files will be generated by the Web Console server and downloaded to the Web Console user’s desktop via the browser.
The following Web Console tabs support the Export function:
·     Hosts
·     Recordings
·     Accounts
·     Activity > Account Activity
·     Activity > Connections
·     Activity > Host Activity
·     Activity > Recording Activity
·     Activity > Reverse Connections
·     Analytics > Connections Audit
·     Analytics > Services Audit
·     Analytics > Recordings Audit
·     Analytics > Licenses Audit
When the export icon is clicked, a popup is displayed which allows the user to select file format and data selection options.
Export To
File format to generate
Comma-separated values format. Each column is delimited by a comma and properly escaped with quotation marks when appropriate.
Office Open XML format for opening within Microsoft Excel or other compatible spreadsheet software.
Which data columns to include in the output.
Columns shown
Just include the data columns visible in the browser view.
Include the visible columns plus extra data not shown in the browser view, but might be available elsewhere. For example, selecting ‘All’ when exporting the Host members of a Group will include information also displayed in the Details popup for each Host