ClickOnce Deployment Support for Mozilla Firefox browser

Get The Recommended Extension

The recommended extension for ClickOnce Deployment is Meta4 ClickOnce Launcher by Meta4 Spain S.A.

Additional Information

PROXY Pro v9.0.1 and later support using the Mozilla Firefox browser for accessing the Web Console.  However, because the Web Console uses Microsoft Windows ClickOnce deployment for the Host on Demand ("Share my Desktop"), Remote Desktop Connection Window, and Recording Player Window, some additional requirements apply.

The Mozilla Firefox browser does not have native support for Microsoft Windows ClickOnce deployment. An add-on is required to provide this support.

Additional Steps for Enabling ClickOnce Deployment in Web Console

The extensions that enable ClickOnce support in Firefox cannot be detected by the Web Console application, so the Web Console cannot know whether to enable the links that require ClickOnce deployment or not.  This is addressed by a configuration change an administrator must make in the Web Console installation.  For details about this configuration change, please contact